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Registration charge and Stamp Duty Charge in Hyderabad. Know about what is the cost you must pay if you have bought a flat recently. Take a look at our calculation example to understand well.
In metropolitan cities where life is fast and there is hardly time to spare for relaxation, an all-inclusive amenities gated community apartment is in dire need by prospective home buyers. Better and comfortable living space is all that is needed to find your perfect home. Read to find out what apartment amenities checklist you should look for when buying an apartment.
The growth of residential properties in Hyderabad has seen impressive growth over the past couple of years. Learn more about which areas near Gachibowli are most preferred for residential developments.
The Indian Realty sector is experiencing substantial growth in recent years. Compared to other investment options like gold, mutual funds, bank deposits and so on; investing in the real estate sector offers a good return on investment
Keep your home naturally cool this summer. Follow these simple tips to stay more comfortable indoors and allow better air circulation. Learn more as how to keep your home cool during summer.
When buying a property, you don’t just pay the apartment price, but other additional costs like the registration charge and the stamp duty. These charges differ from one state to another. When buying a property, make sure that you are aware of the stamp duty rates and the registration charges.
Investing in a property at a young age is one of the best decisions that you can make. Besides saving taxes, you can also get a home loan very easily. Read on to know more advantages of investing in real estate at a young age.
Before buying your dream house and applying for a home loan, make sure that you are well-informed about the details of home loan, interest rates offered by different banks and the procedure to avail a hassle-free home loan.
Social media has a significant impact on customers buying decision. Learn more about how different social media platforms play a role in real estate marketing and influencing customer decision.
When you are buying an apartment, it is important that you consider the Vastu of the house. Here are some quick Vastu Shastra tips for apartments regarding the location of the kitchen, bedroom, pooja room, living room or the bathroom.