We are already feeling the extreme heat that screams the arrival of summer. And the one question that revolves our mind is how to keep our house cool in extreme heat. While most of us prefer ACs during summer, the increasing electricity bill at the end of each month burns a huge hole in our pocket. Therefore, using an air conditioner may not be the best option for everyone due to its accompanying charges; not to mention it impacts the environment too. So here are some tips on how to keep your house cool in summer naturally.

Allow ventilation and Use blinds

We all know the drill, a well-ventilated house is healthy and devoid of extreme heat. However, in summers you should know when to keep your doors and windows open. As per environmentalist, your home should be open for ventilation in the morning from 5 am- 8 am and 7 pm – 10 pm.

As most of the apartments these days have glass windows unlike the wooden windows we had back in the days, use blackout blinds to prevent the heat from penetrating through the windows. You can also use window tints. They are easy to install.

Change your sheets and bedding

Believe it or not, bed sheets and beddings play a huge role in keeping your house and rooms cool. Avoid the synthetic and satin bed sheets and swap them for the flannel and the cotton ones in lighter and soothing colours.

Make a DIY air cooler

YES, you can actually make your own air cooler with everything you have available at your home.  You need a table fan, a large bowl of ice. Place the ice bowl in front of your table fan. The air flowing from it will be chilled. Even after the ice melts, the cold water will keep the temperature of the room cooler though at a slower pace.

This is a sustainable alternative for the much expensive air conditioner or air cooler.

Use the right lighting

Lighting plays a major role in keeping the interiors of your house cool. Don’t use bulbs that emit bright light and heats up your room. The traditional 100 watt light bub increases the room temperature by 11 degrees every hour. Replace them with cooler LEDs and CFLs. It not only saves energy but also lowers the internal heating.

Plant greenery in your house

Plants regularise the temperature inside your house. So placing them strategically in the east and west corners of your house will block out the excess sunlight and keep the rooms cooler.  If you stay in an independent house, the b4st thing you can do is to plant vines and creepers around the house to keep a room cool that faces the sun.

So if you wish to cool down your house without an AC, these are the best tips you can follow. You can also opt to purchase a house that is close to nature and water bodies to enjoy natural ventilation and a cool surrounding that will also keep your house cool. Honer Homes make the perfect home amidst green foliage and blue lakes. Follow these simple tips to enjoy a cool and soothing summer.

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