A gated community apartment offers an exclusive living experience. Real estate builders are investing huge amounts of money these days to offer the best-in-class lifestyle experience to their customers. These apartments are classified as luxury gated community apartments and the amenities they offer are of unmatched value. Living in a premium gated community complex, residents experience such features and conveniences that are not available if you are staying in an individual house or a stand-alone apartment. Once you have experienced a gated community lifestyle, you wouldn’t want to live elsewhere. 

Here are a few benefits of living in a gated community apartment:

Healthy Atmosphere and Lifestyle

A gated community apartment requires huge acres of land to build its complex. To achieve so, builders usually look for land spaces away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city life. These locations are usually free of traffic and hence pollution-free. Also as the apartment is set amidst huge acres of landscaped gardens, they are meticulously preserved to maintain a pollution-free atmosphere within the apartment complex. Besides, jogging tracks and yoga decks add to the serenity of the atmosphere encouraging a healthy lifestyle for the busy millennials.

Best-in-class Amenities

This is one of the best features of a gated community apartment. Besides offering you end-to-end maintenance by designated staff of 24/7 security, amenities are something that a luxurious gated community apartment excels in. Gated community complexes have a clubhouse with multiple indoor sports facilities like badminton, squash, table tennis and many more. Additionally, swimming pools, salons, gyms, basketball courts, a cricket pitch, library, preview theatre, restaurant; gated community apartments offer an integrated lifestyle.

Some gated communities also have daycare facilities keeping in mind the lifestyle of the millennial couples. With both parents working, it often becomes a trouble to enrol kids in a verified daycare centre outside. Having one within the community gives a sense of security. 

Convenient Living

Most gated community apartments are strategically built at a location that is located at a few minutes drive away from the workplace, educational institutes, healthcare facilities, shopping malls, ATMs and banks. 

Safety and Security

This is a primary feature that people consider when buying a house. Is the location safe and if there is security personnel in the apartment to restrict unwanted entry and ensure the privacy of residents. When living in a gated community apartment, CCTV cameras and trained security personnel monitor the entries and exits in the community.

In addition, advanced features like home automation devices also create a safer environment.

Planned Layout

A gated community apartment is built by certified architects and engineers who initially work on the layout of the building to build an apartment complex suited to the residents’ needs and lifestyle. The entire layout is aesthetically designed to ensure that living space and recreational spaces along with play areas, parking areas, landscapes, and basic features such as jogging track, gazebos and well-maintained pathways are created at apt places and in proportion to their utility.

A gated community with an advanced infrastructure also ensures that the residents get access to convenient amenities like piped gas connection, uninterrupted water supply, 24/7 electricity backup, proper waste disposal, etc. 

A gated community apartment fosters a sense of togetherness among families. As people from different cultures stay together, it offers a lot of opportunities for interactions within the community, like social gatherings during festivities, children of various families playing together, opportunities for similar age groups to attend yoga or aerobics, gym together, go for morning jogs, visit the library or just enjoy a friendly chat while taking a walk around the beautifully designed landscapes etc.

If you enjoy an active and interactive lifestyle, living in a gated community is the best choice. Deciding on your dream home is a huge decision that involves a lot of contemplations. However, to experience a hassle-free lifestyle, there is nothing better than a gated community living. Honer Aquantis by Honer Homes at Gopanpally, Gachibowli offers luxurious gated community apartments with the best-in-class amenities.  

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