If you are a newbie in real estate buying or a past property holder wanting to upgrade your living standards,  It will be a smart choice if you consider some important factors like location, convenience, price and financial aspects to impact your decision. Since the last couple of decades, the real estate market is observing the growing trend of gated communities being in utmost demand by customers.

What is a Gated Community?

A gated community is a cluster of apartments or a township within a closed gated perimeter surrounded by walls and fences with round-the-clock security service, modern facilities and amenities and many more. Gated communities can be constructed either within the city or in the suburbs with close connectivity to the city. However, nowadays due to lack of enough space within the city, huge infrastructural projects or commercial building for offices and retails are built at a shorter distance from the city, hence making the extended city the perfect place for residential developments.

Also, a comparatively cheaper rate and easy availability of land for construction make the suburbs a preferred hotspot for building huge residential gated community apartments.

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Advantages of staying in a gated community

Security and privacy

This is the foremost advantage you can enjoy if you say in a gated community. As there is a 24/7 security service at the gate of the apartment, unpleasant happenings like theft or trespassing will never take place. A gated community has a well-guarded surrounding with gates secured by manned personnel. There are CCTV cameras in different locations within the gated community to monitor movements within the community. Only residents and verified guests are allowed to enter the community. Also if you have an over-enthusiastic kid in their exploratory stage, staying in a gated community will ensure their safety since there is a guard always looking out.

Peace and quiet is something that is much needed these days and privacy is one key factor that attracts people to buy an apartment in a gated community. Staying in a gated community means that you stay off the hustle bustle of the outside world. You can enjoy an exclusive living with no disturbance whatsoever.

A sense of Community

Consolidated and a unified lifestyle are what attracts people to a gated community living. When you live in a gated community with 500 to 600 families, there is a sense of community as a number of festivals and events are conducted all year round for the residents of the community. With more of such recreational functions happening, residents have the opportunity to gel up with fellow residents and have an increased sense of belongingness.

Integrated lifestyle

Where can you get all the convenient facilities and luxury amenities in a closely knitted space other than a gated community! This is a convenient pro because you don’t need to leave the vicinity of your property to get access to these facilities. From gaming facilities like basketball, badminton, squash, cricket practice pitch, golf putting to chilling in a swimming pool, a lounge, a spa/salon to bonding with people in the amphitheatre or restaurant; a gated community strives towards offering every possible opportunity to its residents. This makes for comfortable and luxury living without shelling out exorbitant amounts of money.

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No traffic and speeding vehicles

You are safe and secure inside a gated community as there are no speeding vehicles like on the road. There is a restricted speed limit inside a gated community and you cannot violate the rules. If you are staying in a community that is a little secluded from the rest of the city, you can enjoy a sense of peace and tranquility when at home.

Higher property value

Buying house in a gated community is no doubt costly but the future prospects of being able to sell it at a higher price are easy especially if you have bought an apartment in a gated community by a popular builder. And if your gated community is near an SEZ zone or a major IT hub, there might be a good surge in price.

Eco-friendly and greener living

These days, builders are embarking on designing and building a community that is eco-friendly with a Green Building certification by IGBC. And with a limited number of vehicles plying within the community, it is a greener environment free of pollution. This makes it a better living and breathing space for children and elders alike. Start your day as you breathe in the fresh air.

Gated communities are the best residential options in today’s world. With a hassle-free and convenient living, you are a step closer to nature while enjoying the luxury of modern facilities and amenities.

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