Hardly twelve days left for schools to reopen and the working moms are already flipping out. They are terrified of managing workplace pressure as well as their kids at the same time. It is a challenging task for all working moms but not impossible. After a full day at the office, mothers come home to another 5-6 hours of strenuous activities of managing kids and the household.

Tips for Working Moms to Balance Work and Kids

Here are a few tips on how you can juggle work-life balance successfully. Get focused, get organised and find the perfect balance between profession and parenthood.

Let the guilt take a backseat

Aren’t we moms always feeling guilty of the fact that we might not be giving enough time to our kids? Well, this is a universal feeling that is common to all moms around the world. Instead of brooding over that, think that your work is getting the money that you can keep aside for your child’s better education or satisfy their little interests.  

Plan the night before

This is especially for all the working moms who have school-going kids. Yes, it undoubtedly gets a little stressful in the morning to arrange the lot and then leave for work. But there is a little tip that will save you some time in the morning. Iron and keep clothes ready for the next day. Plan the breakfast menu for the following day, what snack box to fill for your kids and also schedule your work at the office in a notebook. These minute plannings will make your life a tad simpler.

Arrange for a quality daycare

There is nothing wrong in putting your kid in a childcare facility. But first, make a criteria list that you are looking for. Is your kid too small and you need someone to take complete care of her or your kid is going to school and you need someone to help them with their homework. Whatever it might be, make sure that you send your kid to an authenticated daycare.

Draw out a calendar schedule

To err is human and working moms are on their toes all through the day so if you forget your child’s in-class story-telling competition day, don’t condemn yourself. It’s completely normal. So a very simple solution is to make a monthly calendar and start noting important days of the month, for example, special colour day, picnic day, painting competition day or story-telling competition day. Now stick this chart in a place where you can easily keep a track of like the door of the fridge or on your dresser cabinet.

It’s better you don’t store it in your phone’s calendar and go old-school. This method will also educate your child about the importance of planning and making prior schedules.

Stay connected with your child

Moms miss their kids and kids also miss their moms A LOT. However, with the convenience of video calling these days, you can talk to your kids and see them at any time. So call your kids when you take a break; talking to them will help you through a rough day and your kids will also feel you are near.

Make creative time for your kids

Your kids in their growing years have so much to share with you. Since you stay busy for most of the week, keep the weekends aside for your kids. Manage your office work and finish them during the week itself so that you don’t have to do overtime during weekends. Join a hobby class with your kids, or do something creative like painting a canvas or some interesting DIY to engage and bond with your kids. You can involve your child when preparing the Sunday breakfast or play board games or arrange a movie night.

Also if your child is in middle school, help them to stay organised emotionally and in their studies. If it is their teenage years, they will need a lot of support from you.

Have some ‘me’ time

At the end of all these dedicate some time to yourself. This is equally important to avoid getting frustrated and cranky. Being mentally disturbed will never make you a good parent. Here are a few tips to stay mentally relaxed and be a great working mom:

  • Eat well, sleep well and manage at least half an hour for yoga or exercise
  • Nurture your hobby occasionally
  • Treat yourself to a spa
  • Read a book before sleeping
  • Spend some quality time with your partner

Manage your time wisely and plan accordingly. Balancing work and kids will be a breeze.

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