What are the advantages of staying inside a gated community in the midst of a pandemic?

 The real estate sector in India has been achieving immense growth. However, in the pandemic, this growth has seen a slump. Still, the sector of luxury housing still has been able to get stability due to the fact it offers safety to its residents and exclusive access to the amenities. 

The impact on luxury real estate with gated communities has been able to surpass through the two lockdowns with not much negative impact. 

Other than the elite section of the society, the market is slowly seeing a shift towards tier 2 and tier 3 cities, where the middle-class section of the society prefers to stay in a gated community especially after the pandemic as it gives a feeling of safety and a sense of community.
Let us understand the benefits of staying in a gated community apartments in the midst of a pandemic

1. Exclusivity for the elites

The sector of luxury housing with gated communities are catered to the real estate needs of a niche and a socially exclusive crowd. They comprise CEOs, businessmen, NRIs etc. Such segments of the population have an excess flow of income and have become the main target audience of the luxury housing sector. Along with this, the need for the creamy layer to be socially exclusive from the rest of the population is also a secondary reason why they prefer to stay in luxury homes with the gated communities especially during a pandemic

2. Less expensive

The pandemic has surely brought the cost of the real estate market down. Even flats in gated communities are being sold at a lesser rate than independent flats. The gated communities have parks, gyms, and swimming pools which residents can avail of either at no cost or a yearly maintenance fee. This is way less than paying for a gym membership or club membership outside.

3. Easy to maintaining social distancing

During the pandemic, it is crucial that social distancing is maintained by everyone. The spaces are large enough to maintain the protocols of social distancing. People can play in the parks and take turns using the gym when it is empty or has fewer people. Each building in the gated community, have multiple number lifts so that not everyone has to be cramped at one place while traveling in the elevator

4. Strict observance of safety protocols

The gated communities have a strict adherence to safety protocols. All the shared amenities such as pools, gyms, parks, elevators are regularly sanitized and cleansed to reduce chances of infection. Even when there is any delivery person entering the gated community complex; the security guards check their temperature and sanitize their vehicle and hands before letting them enter. Some residents can also opt to just leave the sanitized package with the security guards instead of letting the delivery person enter the premises.

In gated communities, no unsolicited people are allowed, especially in the festive season where people and salespeople come to ask for donations or sell festive goods. Prohibiting the entry of people ensures social distancing and proper adherence to safety protocols.

5. Rejuvenation during lockdown

The lockdown takes a toll on the mental health of people. Nobody likes to be cooped up in their homes all day long. However, it is not safe to venture outside as it increases the risk of contracting the infection. 

At gated communities, there are amenities such as parks, a gym, a yoga room, and a pool. It is sanitized and following safety precautions, you can use it. It will rejuvenate your mind as well as ensure the safety of your health.

Such amenities available in the gated communities make coping with the pandemic easier, especially for senior citizens and children who need to channel their energy outdoors.

6. Maintaining the health of senior citizens and pregnant women

Due to the pandemic, one might hesitate to go out and work out. This causes lethargy and might affect health, especially for elderly citizens and pregnant women. Staying in independent flats,  elderly people and pregnant women have to depend on parks and gardens outside their residence to play or exercise. A gated community apartment in Gachibowli, when you book a two or a 3 BHK apartment, you get all the amenities that ensure healthy living. Pregnant mothers can go for daily walks on the designed pathways or meditate at the yoga center. Elderly parks are there for senior citizens to take a walk.. This makes sure that while they stay at the gated communities, their health is also balanced and not affected by the pandemic.

7. Sense of community

There is a proper sense of community for people living in the gated community to come together during adversities such as pandemic or any natural calamity. People of all age groups have their sense of understanding and exclusive space for recreation. There is a sense of like-mindedness amongst people staying in gated community flats. They can help each other out during any emergency. They act as a social resource especially during uncertain situations like Covid-19. If you also belong to a sense of community, then book a 3 BHK flat in Gachibowli at the gated community apartments.

Gated community during the pandemic allows social distancing and safety, but at the same offers support and human touch through community living. It offers amenities and ensures that the residents feel rejuvenated even when they are locked in the home during pandemic.

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