The concept of housing has changed immensely in the current real estate market owing to the demands of the consumers. Until a few decades back, dream home meant purchasing a plot of land and building an independent house, but in the present scenario, a dream home is nothing less than a luxurious apartment soaring close to the skies within a gated community with all the amenities and conveniences. These days, the home-buying decision for prospective home buyers depend on the type of amenities available in the gated community. However, for first-time home buyers, it might get a little overwhelming with the variety of amenities available with different builders. Let us take a look at the amenities that you should look for when choosing an apartment.

Gym, Yoga Hall, Fitness Centre

Given the super-fast and busy lifestyle these days, it is necessary that we keep ourselves fit and healthy. And having a fitness centre within the premises of the apartment means saving o the membership fees barring minimal user fees that you must pay along with the maintenance charge. Recent trends have observed that home-buyers are increasing inclining towards apartments that have an in-house gym or fitness centre. It not only saves the time of travelling to a gym outside but also saves some money.

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Well-designed Landscape and Open Space

In the era of the concrete jungle, seldom do we get an open space where we can breathe with ease or take a long refreshing walk. However, with the new apartment concepts, there are huge areas of land that are dedicated to recreational amenities including well-designed landscapes and gardens. Open spaces are especially useful for elderly people as they cannot do strenuous exercises in the gym. It is great for them to take a long walk and spend time with others while adding life to their living. A landscaped open space also adds beauty to the gated community.

Nowadays, most builders make sure that 70-80% of the gated community space is open with abundant greenery for a pollution-free housing environment.

Play Area for Kids

A secure play area for kids is great to get your children involved in some physical activity. Since most of the children, obsess over playing games or watching videos in mobile phones and tablets, encouraging them to go outdoors and play is a task for parents these days. But an attractive play area for kids is a great option to lure kids outdoors to play with the neighbouring children. As much as studies, playing is essential for comprehensive development in kids.


A meticulously designed clubhouse takes your choice of an apartment a notch higher. A clubhouse has a banquet hall that comes really handy when arranging for your kid’s birthday party, an anniversary or any other celebration for that matter. It gets difficult and annoying to hunt for function halls every single time, so a banquet hall within the premises of your community is convenient.

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Sports & Recreational Facilities

Recreational facilities in the form of sports, games or amphitheatre are important amenities that present-day apartments should provide. After a hectic day at the office, it is important for relaxation and social bonding to maintain a good atmosphere in the community. These days apartments provide sports space like badminton, tennis, squash, and indoor games for residents. Sports facilities are a welcome change from the gym for fitness enthusiasts. Look for an apartment that will give you the option of these facilities where you can relax and spend enough time with your family and neighbours.


Having access to a supermarket within the community is one of the best amenities that you must consider when buying an apartment.


A 24/7 professional security service with CCTV surveillance is an advantage in a gated community apartment. This ensures that your apartment premise is secure.

Uninterrupted Water Supply

Water is life and getting uninterrupted water supply is one of the basic apartment amenities that you must take care of before buying an apartment. However, most of the metropolitan cities are facing water scarcity recently and the apartment residents are struggling to get a proper supply of fresh water. So before choosing an apartment make sure that there is an alternative water supply available in case of water scarcity.

Proper Waste Disposal

In most apartments, residents face the problem of waste disposal. Make sure that the apartment you are about to purchase provides a facility for easy waste disposal.

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Power Backup

Are you buying an apartment in an area that is prone to frequent power cuts? Ensure that your apartment has a proper power backup to support electrical supply during power failures.

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