The home you live in is an expression of your family’s personality, interests, and lifestyle. It is a representation of who you are. What starts as a concrete construction takes on a unique feel depending on the family that resides in it. And, knowingly or unknowingly, you make changes that contribute to the “vibe” of the place.

If you are moving into a new home, you are surely looking for the right color scheme or combination. We advise you to start with the living room and work your way from there because the living room is the first impression and possibly the place where you’ll spend most of your time in

Best color combination for living room – Top 15 picks

Colour schemes are often underrated but they make a world of difference. You can either start with the walls and then choose furniture accordingly or flip the deal based on your choices. Make sure you go through all our recommendations to get a fair idea of the direction to take.

1. Green and cream

Choose light green hues for furnishing and paint the walls cream for a soft, comfortable setting.

·   Bottle green curtains

·   Forest green patterned upholstery

·   Green paintings

·   Dark brown coffee table

·   Multi-coloured cushions

·   Cream or greenish cream carpets

2. Yellow and soft tones

Yellow is vibrant, lively, and stimulating. Yellow and soft colours are one of the most popular modern colour combinations for the living room.

·   Yellow walls

·   Pastel upholstery

·   Light coloured carpet

·   Blue or white lamps

·   Large and simple wall décor

3. Earthy combinations

Earthy tones can create a very cosy vibe in the living room, allowing you to bring a bit of nature inside.

·   Brown furniture

·   Decorated wallpaper

·   Orange chair

·   Wooden flooring

·   Black TV cabinet

·   Gold, red, and brown shades of cushions

4. Neutral hues

We often think neutral colours are not given the love they deserve. Living room colour combinations don’t always have to be loud. They can be subtle and nice.

·   White or cream furniture

·   Floral pattern curtains (With shades of white, green, and brown)

·   Black and white cushions

·   Golden frame for mirrors or photos

·   White flowers in gold or glass vases

P.S. This may not be a great living room colour scheme if you have little kids and/or pets.

5. Blue and white

We can’t remember an instance when the classic blue and white living room colour combination failed. These colours are so perfect, you can’t go wrong!

·   Cream or light blue curtains

·   Blue patterned wallpaper

·   Light blue furnishing

·   White or light brown furniture

·   Blocked print blue & white carpet

6. Indigo and caramel

Indigo is a rich colour that pairs very nicely with caramel hues. If you are looking for a simple living hall colour combination, you can definitely try this out:

·   Indigo couch

·   Light brown or caramel cushions

·   Cream and black carpet

·   Caramel walls

·   Indigo wall décor

7. Coral shades

Remind yourself of the beautiful coral reefs every time you step into your living room! This colour is an excellent choice with light yellow and white.

·   White lamps or holders

·   Coral couch

·   Coral and cream cushions

·   Light yellow carpet

·   Light yellow curtains

·   Dark brown coffee table

8. White and black

Black and white are classy, almost regal colours. You can almost never go wrong with them. Plus, you don’t need a third colour at all!

·   White carpet

·   White walls

·   Black photo frames

·   White fabric furniture

·   Black coffee table

·   Black chandelier

·   White curtains

This setting will invite a lot of light and make the living room stunning!

9. Red and charcoal

Oh no, we were never going to leave out red. It is a fiery colour with a lot of grace. But, it is easy to overdo it, which is why we advise you to add only 2-3 accents of red and mix it up with yellow, charcoal, and white.

·   Red carpet

·   White and charcoal walls

·   Black doors

·   Yellow or brown couch

·   Light coloured wall décor


10. Bright yellow and pastel

Sun = yellow = cheer! So, why not? Neutral patterns and yellow walls will make your living room a very happy place!

·   Flowery fabric couch

·   Pastel chairs

·   Sunny yellow wall colour

·   White doors and curtains

·   White lamps

11. Simple stripes

If you want to move away from florals and regular patterns, you can always take a look at stripes. White and blue are our favourites but there are other small living room colour combinations as well.

·   Striped couch and cushions

·   Block patterned curtains

·   White walls

·   Earthy carpet

12. Bright green and white

Want to go all out? Go green! Dark green walls and some white furniture will make for a vibrant and very stimulating modern two colour combination for the living room.

·   Black and white striped carpet or rug

·   White couch with green designs

·   White or pastel wall décor

·   Green upholstery

13. Velvet colours

As long as the material is velvet, it doesn’t matter what colours you choose. This is your chance to experiment!

·   Olive green velvet curtains

·   Cream or beige velvet upholstery

·   Shades of plum and blue for furnishing

14. Rosy combinations

Rose gold, light pink, and a slightly darker shade of pink can add the cute factor without making the room too feminine.

·   Pinkish couch

·   Light pink carpet or rug

·   White and pink lamps

·   Pink floral curtains

15. Royal colours

Regal colours include red, dark blue, pink, and peacock green. You can mix and match these to come up with a winning living room combination colour scheme. Pick up some embroidered patterns to complete the royal look.

·   Bolster pillows

·   Embroidered cushions

·   Elephant motifs

·   Paintings depicting Indian culture and art

·   Vintage chairs


Always remember – the right combination of two colours for the living room totally depends on your personal taste. So, take inspiration from these ideas and create a living room space that’s truly yours. If you are looking to buy a new home, please visit our website to go through our ongoing projects.

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