Have you ticked all the points off your checklist before buying that new house you can fondly call your home? Take a final look and make sure you haven’t missed out on anything. Have you got your loan approved? Your registration dates have been finalised? Did you check your finances and made all the calculation? Do you know how to set up your interior and selected the colours? If all these are done, you must be excited about your new home! But wait, what about the vaastu? Is your house vaastu-compliant? Hope you have not forgotten about that?

But is vastu really that important and does it hold any relevance to your property? Let’s find out!

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(Disclaimer: Vaastu is a very subjective topic and this article is definitely not to alter anyone’s beliefs. We will just try to explain the what’s and why’s of Vaastu Shastra to our best knowledge.)

What is Vastu Shastra?

Vaastu Shastra contrary to the belief that it is a superstition is actually a science blended with the astronomy of astrology. The source of Vaastu Shastra dates back to the Vedas, Puranas, Mahabharata, Ramayana and other Sanskrit Epics. The influence of the sun, moonlight, heatwave, direction of the wind, the earth’s atmosphere, magnetic field and the gravitational force on human beings are every aspect that influences the study of vaastu. The system of vaastu gives a guideline to builders on the site selection, the contouring level and the designing of the rooms. The laws and the equilibrium of nature are what founded the science of vaastu.  The North Pole and the South Pole stores all the energy of the world. And as the magnetic waves flow from the North Pole to the South Pole, so according to the science of Vaastu, the South Pole of any property should be built on a higher contouring level than the North Pole to avoid the hindrance of flow of magnetic energy.

Vaastu Shastra is the principle of maintaining harmony in our living space. The three important factors that help to retain harmony in our lives are the elements of nature like water (jal), fire (agni) and wind (vayuu). Keeping these forces in their accurate places will not cause any disharmony and improve prosperity, peace and finance. Vastu is therefore not a superstition but it is completely scientific and rational as it is based on directions and directions are non-changeable. It is based on the natural energies available like the Solar energy, Lunar energy, Earth energy, Sky energy, Electric energy, Magnetic energy, Thermal energy, Light energy and the Cosmic energy.

Since the principle of vaastu is based on the different elements of Nature, let us find the relevance of these elements of nature in our life and health.


The sun is life-giving energy. It is omnipresent since the birth of life. The sun rays are responsible for the regeneration and reduction of bio-chemical germs, oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen that is important for every living organisms on earth. It is responsible for good health and proper functioning of the internal organs of the human body. Therefore an open east direction in any residential living space is considered good for health and living. It can be in the form of a balcony or a large window towards the east of your house.

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Air (Vayu)

Air is the life force for all living organisms. Air represents life and without air, it is impossible to survive the planet. This element of nature dominates the north-eastern phase of the building to bring forth happiness, refreshment, joy and growth.

Water (Jal)

One of the crucial elements supporting life and the growth of livelihood is water. Considering the geography of India, the rivers flow from the north to the east and towards the south. Rivers, lakes, sea or oceans; water is present in different forms on the surface of the earth. Water is an element of the north-east and according to vastu, for all residential buildings, the water should flow out of the north-east. So, the most accurate position for bathrooms, aquarium or swimming pool should preferably be towards the north-east side of the building.

Fire (Agni)

Fire being a primary element of nature can be pious and destructive at the same time. If situated in the right direction of the house, it can be a source of constructive energy. The south-east corner of the house is the ideal place to design your kitchen and keep your electrical gadgets. Now let us explain to you the connotation between the direction of air and fire and how both are interlinked.

When the vastu shastra was written, the learned gurus kept in mind the geographical directions of both these elements. If the fire element (aka kitchen) is placed in the south-east side of the building and in case there is a fire accident since the air blows from the north-east, it will sweep away the fire out of the house thus minimising damage.  

So that explains perfectly well, the directions of both these elements and their importance in our house.

Earth (Bhumi)

Mother Earth is a self-sustaining and very powerful element that provides balance and stability to your living space. You should be careful and aware of the plot you are buying to build a house. It is advised to prefer a plot that is either square or rectangular in shape instead of an irregularly shaped plot.

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Home buyers and their belief in Vastu

Do modern home-buyers prefer vastu-compliant building? Let’s see what the study says.

A large percentage of the buyers are in the age group 25-35 years working in IT giants and MNCs. Almost 60% of these buyers don’t want to compromise on vastu, while for the 33% of them, vastu is not of much importance.

50% of the respondents have said that if the property adheres to Vastu norms in terms of direction, it is good for them. They said that although they can change the interiors by what is termed as remedial vastu, the direction of the entrance or the rooms cannot be changed if they are buying an apartment because builders don’t allow modification of apartments. According to them, it is the direction of the bedroom that matters the most followed by the kitchen and the bathrooms.

Some home buyers are so stringent on a budget that they are even ready to pay an extra charge just to get a vastu-compliant property.

Why the direction of the bedroom matters most in Vastu?

Considering most of the couples are working currently, does vastu for bedroom really matter? Think for yourself. Where would you like to spend your time after coming back from work? Most certainly the bedroom where you can rest, have some ‘me’ time or sleep. So the location of your bedroom is important for prosperity, success, peaceful sleep and good health.

The ideal location of a couple’s bedroom is always towards the south-west direction. It brings in good health, prosperity and improves longevity.

When you are sleeping, your head must be towards the south. This not only improves your health and sleep quality but also fills your life with happiness and prosperity. The worst sleeping position is positioning your head towards the north. There is a scientific reason for it. The earth’s magnetic energy runs from the north to the south, so if your head is towards the north, the magnetic pull will strain your brain.

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Vastu Shastra is a science and nota mere superstitious belief. It is the science of construction and architecture that will support healthy and prosperous living.

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